Editorial: A Different American Dream for Muslim Americans

July 20, 2003

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune


On July 20, 2003 The Salt Lake Tribune printed an editorial by Abtihal Raji-Kubba stating that "for many Muslim immigrants, the American dream is rarely about owning a home, a car, or a boat. Rather, it is about experiencing political and religious freedom. Most leave their countries because of political and religious persecution. They leave their comfortable homes and loved ones, with or without a choice, but always in search of the place that grants that basic human right, freedom to speak one's thoughts... They uproot themselves to salvage the part of their souls that seeks intellectual freedom, integrity and respect. Coming to a new home is seldom easy. Being different in an unfamiliar place is uncomfortable and it is a difficult journey for most immigrants... This is especially true of Muslims, who are easily identified as 'immigrants' by appearance or name, no matter how 'American' they may now consider themselves... Having taken that journey myself, I need to remind myself daily of where I was born, where I am now and what brought me here. Often, I am consumed by the daily affairs of life and disengaged from the cause and the memories of that journey, but I cherish the freedom to be myself, to speak my mind, to be proud of my heritage."