Editorial: Council for Interfaith Harmony Holds First National Conference

February 21, 2006

Source: The New Nation


On February 21, 2006 The New Nation ran an editorial that commented, "The Council for Interfaith Harmony, Bangladesh held its first ever 'National Conference 2006' in the capital city last week when noted religious leaders and scholars of the four religious communities of the country highlighted the teachings of all the religions for maintaining harmony in the society as well as living with mutual respect for each other and dignity. Holding of such a conference is very important and significant in the backdrop of a turbulent global scenario, particularly when anti-Bangladesh tirade is continued by vested quarters at home and abroad as part of a sinister campaign that minority communities are not safe in this country because of religious fundamentalism, with an accusing finger at the vast majority Muslim population. Religious leaders and scholars representing Bangladesh's four major religions – Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism – from across the country, apart from the Prime Minister and others concerned, addressed the conference that was largely attended by foreign envoys and the elite of the city. The observations made by the leaders of three religions – Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism – reflected the feelings of their respective communities unambiguously as they have been living in harmony with the majority Muslims here in this country for centuries. All of them stressed much more on existing peaceful and stable situation that exists here despite the heinous campaign orchestrated through the international media in connivance with some local masterminds, mainly for their materials gains."