Editorial: "Abandoning Pluralism"

January 31, 2006

Source: The Courier-Journal


On January 31, 2006 The Courier-Journal ran an editorial stating, "Ernie Fletcher [governor of Kentucky] puts great stock in the power of prayer. But how, pray tell, can the state's chief elected official host a prayer breakfast and exclude non-Christians from the program? That is a question all of us should be asking after the annual governor's prayer breakfast last Tuesday, which drew 450 people to the Frankfort Convention Center. In sharp contrast to similar events during previous administrations, every speaker was a Christian. Beyond that, the event was organized by a group of Christian business people from Lexington... Either [Gov. Fletcher] is oblivious to the offensiveness of an elected official using his office to promote one faith and exclude others or he is cynically fostering religious sectarianism for political gain... In either case, Gov. Fletcher's conduct is unconscionable and a disgrace to his office. No amount of prayer will change that."