Editorial: �Bombing an Attack on All of Us�

December 22, 2005

Source: The Enquirer


On December 22, 2005 The Enquirer ran an editorial on the recent bombing of an Ohio mosque. "If the person or persons who pipe-bombed a Clifton mosque hoped to terrorize the Islamic congregation or divide our community along religious lines, it grossly backfired.

Religious leaders, elected officials, law enforcement and ordinary citizens rushed to show solidarity with Muslims here. The members of the mosque are not outsiders. They are us. It is the bomber or bombers who are the aliens. The slithery attack was made under cover of darkness Tuesday night. The antidote to such poisonous hate is the universal condemnation that quickly followed. America's great strength is its refusal to let bigotry divide us as a city, a region or a nation... It is especially important since 9/11 that it be known that our Islamic community condemned those crimes and others committed by terrorist imposters who kill in the name of Islam, and that all decent people here regard an attack on the Muslim members of our community as an attack on all of us."