At the Edge of the Future: Projects in Spirituality

August 9, 2007

Author: Courtney T. Goto

Source: World Council of Churches

What’s Happening on Campus

If you’re looking for clues about the future of religion and interreligious dialogue in the United States, look at what’s happening on some campuses on the cutting edge of education. In the student center, you’ll probably find the regulars -- Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish student associations--but you may also find a Buddhist meditation group, an Islamic student association, and a Hindu student group. If you’re looking for the chapel on campus, it may no longer exist as a center for Christian worship, it may have been converted to a space that can be used by all religious groups. Poking your head into some classes, you’ll probably find the standard history and sociology of religion courses, but you may notice that some people are also talking about issues of spirituality in physics, math, or literature class. Ten years ago this new evidence of religion and spirituality would have never been found in higher education. So what’s going on?