Duxbury Wiccans Open Their Lives to Reality TV: Family Stars in Episode of New TLC Series

January 25, 2007

Author: Karen Goulart

Source: Patriot Ledger


DUXBURY - Television viewers, prepare to be shocked when you see what one Wiccan family on the South Shore does virtually undetected.

They go out for ice cream.

Among the reasons people willingly partake in reality TV shows, promoting religious tolerance isn’t high on the list. But for the Rev. Kendra Vaughan Hovey, elder high priestess of Duxbury’s First Church of Wicca, and her husband, Tim, it’s the sole reason they agreed to star in an episode of a new series on The Learning Channel called ‘‘My Unique Family.’’

For the entire month of October, the Hoveys and their children Alec, 11, and Alana, 8, were filmed, followed and interviewed - at home, at church, going to work and, yes, even going out for ice cream.

More than 200 hours of footage was compressed into the one-hour program scheduled to air at 10 p.m. Monday, Feb. 19.