Durga Statue to Arrive in Dallas in Time for Durga Puja Festival

July 27, 2004

Source: The Hindu


On July 27, 2004 The Hindu reported, "An eight-foot fibre-glass image of Goddess Durga and images of the allied pantheon, started their journey from here to Singapore last weekend for onward despatch to Dallas. The images should reach there by October, to be worshipped by the Indian community during the Durga Puja festival — the biggest event in the Bengali's social calendar. Though there have been instances in the past of non-resident Indian communities organising puja festivals abroad placing orders for images of the goddess from this city's artisans, it is not often that the chosen material for sculpting is fibre-glass. The relatively light medium makes transportation easy and inexpensive...The total weight of the image along with the four subsidiary images is about 90 kg. This is a third of the weight of images sculpted in clay."