Dr. Rajwant Singh Organizes Scholarships for Punjabi Students

July 5, 2006

Source: Tribune News Service


On July 5, 2006 Tribune India reported, "This [non-resident Indian] NRI comes back time and again to lend a helping hand to the needy that in the future may grow up to be the pride of Punjab. A small help at a time when it is most needed - as students without financial resources, has led to over 500 students from Punjab and other North Indian states grow into forces that will work for the improvement of society. The Sikh Human Development Foundation, Washington's scholarships have kindled many lives, including those of 127 students who have received scholarships during the 2005-6 academic year.... 'It is incumbent upon us to share our blessings with others who may have the dreams to go ahead but do not have the means to achieve them. With a contribution of less than a dollar a day, one can change not only one life but the entire generation,' [said Dr Rajwant Singh, a prominent Sikh leader of Washington and one of the founders of the organisation]... Awarded the 2nd Bridge Builder's award two weeks ago by the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, Dr. Rajwant Singh is very active in inter-faith affairs on behalf of the Sikhs since 1986. The award was given at a reception hosted by Vatican's Ambassador in the U.S. and which was attended by 200 various religious and business leaders in Washington."