Diwali in the U.S.

October 26, 2002

Source: The Daily News of Los Angeles

On October 26, 2002 The Daily News of Los Angeles reported that "preparations are under way by the Hindu Indian community for the joyous five-day festival of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, that occurs this year on Nov. 4. During Diwali, one of the oldest of Hindu festivals, small lights known as diyas are illuminated inside and outside of homes and temples. The word Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit word Deepavali. Deepa means 'light' and Avali means a 'row.' The Indian Cultural Center of Chatsworth [CA] will hold a Diwali Festival with religious and cultural dances from all over India performed by costumed dancers. The festival also will include food stalls, a health fair, fashion show and music."