Diverse Opinions of the "Next Life" Spark Dialogue in This Life

October 9, 2003

Source: Michigan Daily


On October 9, 2003 Michigan Daily reported that the University of Michigan's Second Annual Conference on the Diversity of Religious Thought "brought together representatives of five different faiths - Roman Catholicism, Reformed Christianity, Conservative Judaism, Islam and Tibetan Buddhism - in a panel discussion to discuss their religions' views of afterlife." The panel, which was sponsored by the Campus Religion Network, also included philosophy Prof. Edwin Culrey, who presented his view that there is no afterlife. During the discussions, Hartmut Sagolla, a staff member of Jewel Heart, a Tibetan Buddhist student organization, compared its members' view of death and afterlife to an airplane journey out of the country, while members of the Muslim Community of Ann Arbor supported their view of the afterlife with Quranic verses. According to The Daily, Campus Religion Network, the only campus student-run interfaith group, "tries to facilitate understanding and interfaith dialogue within the University community. CRN President Greg Malivuk said. 'We believe that an event informing students about other belief systems can help them understand their peers who identify with those belief systems.'"