Despite Vandalism, Fresno Sikhs See Increase in Tolerance

April 20, 2004

Source: The Fresno Bee

On April 20, 2004 The Fresno Bee reported, "Gurvinder Gandu wears his turban without fear of insult. He says the community is more tolerant now than a year ago, when hate crimes toward Sikhs, Arabs and Muslims spiked nationwide during the war in Iraq. Other Sikhs say the public has a much better understanding of their religion since the war and after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Gurvinder, 16, attends the Gurdwara Sahib temple in Fresno, which was spray-painted with racist graffiti last month. The blue scrawls on the building were another reminder that acts of ignorance have not completely subsided." Fresno is home to about 30,000 Sikhs.