Depiction of Hindu Deities in US Magazine Draws Ire

June 9, 2007

Source: The Times of India


NEW YORK: The June issue of a popular US magazine that allegedly depicts Hindu god Ganesha holding an alcoholic beverage in each hand and Hanuman in an obscene pose has drawn the ire of many Hindus in the country.

Hindus in the US believe the illustration, appearing in the Stuff magazine, is defamatory to their religion. The illustration, penned by Jason Johnston, accompanies a general knowledge quiz that asks readers to identify whether things like a zombie, downward facing dog and bulldog are yoga poses, drinks or sex positions, India-West, a west coast ethnic weekly reported.

Nanoo Mahendru, an insurance salesman from California, said he is so offended by the illustration that he would consider taking legal action against the magazine if its editors don't issue an apology. Mahendru even called the magazine's New York headquarters as soon as he saw a promotional copy of the June issue last month.

"The editors said it is already printed and they can't do anything about it," he said. He was also not offered the option of writing a letter to the editor that would be printed in the next issue. "His attitude was, 'Why are you offended? This is our creation.' If he would have said we are really sorry, somebody made a mistake, that would have been the end of it," said Mahendru.