Denver Athlete Fasts For Ramadan While Maintaining Performance In The Game

December 19, 2000

Source: The Denver Post

On December 19, 2000, The Denver Post reported that while it may seem like Ramadan fasting is responsible for Denver Nuggets' athlete Tariq Abdul-Wahad's flu, he insists it is not. He says that during his first three years in the NBA, he never lost any weight during Ramadan. This year, however, he has lost weight and he blames it on the flu. Since most games are at night, fasting is not a problem, since the fast is broken at sunset. Nuggets rookie center Mamadou N'diaye, also a Muslim, said Abdul-Wahad has helped him "grow in his religious faith." Since Muslims are urged to go to the mosque every day during Ramadan, Abdul-Wahad and N'diaye try to do so. When traveling, though, it is difficult. Abdul-Wahad added that it is important to him to continue his daily routine, because otherwise he would not feel the weakness, hunger and physical aspects of the fast.