Democrats Need to Reconsider Their Notion of "Moral Values"

November 6, 2004

Source: Beliefnet

On November 6, 2004 Beliefnet reported, "Having lost the Presidential election in part because of the 21% of the voters who told exit pollsters their chief concern was 'moral values,' Democrats are now trying to figure out how to 'get religion'... It's ... clear that 'values voters' -- including many Catholics who voted for Gore last time but Bush this time -- helped drive the President's re-election. So the Democratic impulse to figure out the faith riddle is appropriate. The first impulse is to have Democrats talk more, and better, about faith. The popular Democratic blogger 'Daily Kos' writes: 'We need to retake the language. We need to reframe the notion of 'value'. That's why Obama's speech below is so brilliant. He speaks of God in a way that not just fails to offend this atheist, but inspires me. It's faith used for the purpose of living a good life, rather than faith wielded as a weapon against a whole class of people.'"