Delaware's Blue Laws and its Impact on Jews and Muslims

July 20, 2003

Source: The News Journal

On July 20, 2003 The News Journal reported that "the nation's blue laws have long required people of non-Christian faiths to adjust their lives to accommodate Sunday observances and laws... This year, the General Assembly discussed moving Delaware's primary from Saturday to Tuesday to avoid disenfranchising Jewish voters wishing to keep the Sabbath. The bill was tabled until January... The move to Tuesday has been discussed for years but could not get support... The issue was brought to a head last year when the primary fell on Rosh Hashana, one of the holiest days in Judaism... For Muslims, there is a similar issue in that Friday is known as Jumah, or the meeting for sermon and prayer, said Najid Hussain of Bear. In Muslim countries, businesses typically close their doors on Friday to create time for collective meetings. Setting aside Friday for this purpose has been a practice since the time of the prophet, Muhammad."