Debate over Radicalism in Religion in Somalia

August 5, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia Aug 5 (Garowe Online) - Hundreds of delegates participating at Somalia's national reconciliation conference listened to speeches on Sunday regarding the controversial issue of radicalism in religion.

Before the debate, clan delegates said they had forgiven each other for misdeeds accrued over the past 17 years of civil war.

Spokespeople for major Somali clans Hawiye and Darod formally apologized to smaller clans who faced indiscriminate killing, robbery of property and land, rape and other unimaginable acts at the hands of Hawiye and Darod clan militias since 1991.

The interim government has billed the NRC as a "conference of clans" where each and every clan's voice is heard and respected.

The conference is aimed at ending years of civil war amongst various clans but critics doubt any tangible result will come out of the NRC unless important political actors, like the Islamic Courts movement, are included.