As Deadline Nears, Michigan Muslims Work for Journalist’s Release

January 20, 2006

Source: Detroit Free Press


On January 20, 2006 the Detroit Free Press reported, "The kidnapping of an American journalist raised in Ann Arbor has Muslims across southeastern Michigan frantically trying whatever they can to secure her release -- for her family, her friends and themselves. Through public appeals, calls to Iraqi officials and strongly worded statements in Arabic, Muslim leaders have denounced the Jan. 7 kidnapping of Jill Carroll in Baghdad, calling the actions of her abductors contrary to Islam. While members of the Muslim community are praying for Carroll's safe release on behalf of her friends and family, they are also mindful that if harm comes to the freelance writer for the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor, it could result in a backlash against Muslims. 'We want our voices to be heard. It's been too long that we've allowed the lunatic fringe to speak for us. We're stepping up and saying, "No, that's not us. That's not Islam,"' said Dr. Jukakau Tayeb, 53, who lives in Shelby Township."