A Day of Remembrance

June 13, 2005

Author: Macy DeLong

Source: Street News Service


BOSTON - It was fitting that the day was raw, cold and windy as about 60 people made their way to the Church on the Hill on Bowdoin Street for the Interfaith Service of Remembrance on May 25 to memorialize the homeless men, women and children who have died this past year in Massachusetts.

As I looked around me, I realized that this was the 13th year I had come to Beacon Hill to stand with other people who have understood the horrors of homelessness and wanted to speak out and honor the names of the names of clients and friends. A handful of the people in the sanctuary, like me, had survived homelessness. Others worked on the front lines, from within their faith communities or in advocacy groups.

The speakers came together from many faiths: Rev. Steve Ellis, pastor of The Church on the Hill, (Swedenborgian); Sr. Linda Bessom, SND, Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless; Rev. Joan Murray, Ecclesia Ministries; Abbot Andrzej Stec, Cambridge Zen Center; Imam Salih Yucel, Boston Dialogue Center; Sr. Tess Browne, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth; and Rabbi Moshe Waldoks, Temple Beth Zion.