Daughters of Abraham in Cambridge is More than a Book Club

September 29, 2006

Source: Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly


On September 29, 2006 Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly reported, " BOB ABERNETHY, anchor: While religious conflict is dominating the headlines, there are some who are trying to find understanding and respect across religious lines. A group of women in Cambridge, Massachusetts is doing just that. They have founded a book club to learn from each other's Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. Betty Rollin has their story. BETTY ROLLIN: They call themselves the Daughters of Abraham -- Jews, Christians and Muslims who gather once a month in Cambridge, Massachusetts to talk about books. Not just any books. Whether fiction or nonfiction, the books they read are about their three religions. The Daughters of Abraham book club was the brainchild of Edie Howe, a lawyer turned divinity student. The idea came to her the night of 9/11, when she attended an interfaith service. EDIE HOWE: I was deeply moved by the events of the day and by the service, and I asked myself, what can I do to make a difference in the light of the horror of this day? And I thought of Abraham and the fact that Jews, Christians and Muslims are essentially children of Abraham. And I thought, well, I've been running a book group for 10 years. I could run a women's book group that would be composed of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Maybe that would make a difference."