Dargah Unites Hindus and Muslims in Jammu

August 6, 2008

Author: Zaffar Iqbal

Source: NDTV


Baba Budan dargah is believed to be 500 years old. Almost 80 per cent of the people visiting the shrine are non-Muslims. The Muslims running the shrine say they have always got the support of the majority Hindu community.

Mohammad Din has been coming to the dargah for 40 years. He says the communal fabric of Jammu is intact. "We don't have any problem, we have to live and die on this land, we have nothing with anybody, we work hard and earn our livelihood"

In the old Jammu city, most of the businesses are run by Muslims. They have all downed their shutters in support of the Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti protest. Their only fear is their agitation should not fall into the wrong hands.