Danville embraces New Age spiritualism

July 15, 2021

DANVILLE, Va. — Danville may be the City of Churches, but a growing community of New Age spiritualists is quietly choosing meditation over prayer, and crystals over communion.

A paradigm shift
When 23-year-old Briana Pierce was a teenager at Chatham High School, she had to travel to Greensboro to visit a metaphysical shop and explore her Pagan beliefs. Now, there are three in the City of Danville alone.

"I have always been interested in the idea of things like magic," Pierce said. "That definitely always pulled me off of the religious beaten path. As a child, I would have called myself a Christian, but the reality is that there has always been a societal fear for most people who break away from Abrahamic religions."

Source: Danville embraces New Age spiritualism - Star Tribune