The Critical Angle: Is 'Star Wars' really about Taoism?

December 19, 2019
I was raised in a hippy household. We started our meals with a reading from the Tao Te Ching, the founding text of Taoism. I also had the more conventional experience of growing up obsessed with Star Wars. I loved the original film trilogy, and though I watched Return of the Jedi until the VHS tape broke, it’s the scenes with Yoda in Empire Strikes Back that ultimately resonated with me the most. Yoda was the first experience I ever had with a taoist sage. He managed both the irreverence and wisdom that goes with living in harmony with the Tao. As an adult, I’ve sadly realized that the Jedi are pretty terrible, primarily because they really don’t understand the philosophy they’re aping. Here’s what Star Wars gets wrong about Taoism and some suggestions to improve the Jedi, and by extension the Star Wars universe. Disney, I hope you’re taking notes. Source: The Critical Angle: Is 'Star Wars' really about Taoism? | AIPT