Councillor Objects to Statement of "Tolerance for the Integrity of All Faiths"

April 9, 2004

Source: The Age

On April 9, 2004 The Age reported, "A call for immigrants to 'leave their foreign gods at the door' has sparked a heated debate in Victoria's most diverse multicultural municipality. In a leaked email obtained by The Age, Greater Dandenong councillor Paul Donovan also called for the words 'tolerance for the integrity of all faiths' to be removed from the council's recently adopted faith statement. The ALP member and former mayor said it was his 'firmly held conviction' that Christianity was 'the only hope for mankind' and the council was doing an injustice in promoting alternative religious beliefs...Yesterday Cr Donovan told The Age he was concerned about how council money was being distributed to religious groups and the vague message that was spreading in the community. 'Money is being given to groups that promote multi-faith and tolerance, rather than churches that stand up for one religion,' he said. His views on how council money was being allocated had 'not pleased everyone,' he said, but it was important to express his views."