Convention to Focus on Protection of the Cow

May 18, 2008

Author: Suthentira Govender

Source: The Times

Cow worship, the medicinal value of cow dung and urine, and life as a vegetarian are among the topics that are to be discussed at South Africa’s first youth convention on cow protection.

The Vaishnava Research Forum and Shri Krishna Gowshala (cow sanctuary) will host the event at their Thornville farm, near Pietermaritzburg, on July 27.

According to Hindu belief, the cow is sacred because it represents life and fertility.

Forum spokesman Divesh Maharaj said the convention’s aim was to “engage the youth in the research and discussion of the sanctity of cows from a Hindu perspective, while incorporating aspects like compassion for and the humane treatment of animals”.

High school pupils have been invited to submit re- search papers on topics such as :

# Whether the dairy farming industry in South Africa is treating cows humanely;

# The Vedic tradition of revering the cow and the extent to which modern Hindus relate to it ; and

# The economic, health and spiritual benefits of a vegetarian diet.

The event will be open to all religions, although it will be based on Hindu scriptures and encourage delegates to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle.