Controversy Rages Over Return of Muslim Funds

October 29, 2000

Source: New York Daily News

On October 29, 2000, the New York Daily News reported that "Hillary Rodham Clinton accused state Republicans yesterday of "exploiting" the bombing deaths of 17 U.S. sailors by blitzing voters with phone calls that charge she has "Arab" donors who embrace such terrorism." The article continues, "The GOP phone banks are targeting more than 1 million voters - one message for Jews, another for non-Jews. Non-Jews hear that 'the Daily News reported...Clinton attended a $50,000 fund-raiser where she accepted a plaque and money from an Arab organization that openly brags about its support of a Mideast terrorism group, conducting the same kind of terrorism that killed 17 of our sailors.'

"The script read to Jewish voters doesn't mention the Cole bombing, but adds lines to say the 'Arab' group backing her supports 'Hamas,' which 'our own State Department calls a terrorist organization because of its attacks on Israeli victims. Mrs. Clinton's actions prove she is no friend of Israel.'" "The News story did not state that the American Muslim Alliance backed terror groups, as the phone scripts claim."