Controversy Rages Over Return of Muslim Funds

October 27, 2000

Source: The New York Times

On October 27, 2000, a front page story in The New York Times reported, "Yesterday, as Mrs. Clinton's campaign aides began returning about 100 checks from members of the American Muslim Alliance, Muslims across the country were reminded of how difficult it remains for them to make inroads into American politics and how disputed remarks about other parts of the world can derail the acceptance of Muslim Americans here. Mrs. Clinton said on Wednesday that the checks, from a fund-raising event in June, were being returned because of 'offensive and outrageous' statements attributed to members of the American Muslim Alliance, including support expressed by Mr. Saeed for the right of Palestinians to use 'armed resistance' against the Israelis. She has been supported in her views by a variety of Jewish organizations. Mrs. Clinton's opponent, Representative Rick A. Lazio called the donations 'blood money' on Wednesday, and he did not publicly raise the topic yesterday."