Controversy Over Textbook Changes Regarding Hinduism Continues

November 29, 2005

Source: Hindu Press International

On November 29, 2005 Hindu Press International reported, "Attempts to change California's next set of 6th grade social studies books to put Hinduism in a better and more accurate light suffered some setback as the already approved changes to the books were reviewed by a second group of scholars. This group, led by Prof. Witzel of Harvard University, rejected 29% of the changes, mostly those regarding an Aryan influx in early Indian history, and those that dealt with caste and women's rights. A significant change did occur, in that Prof. Witzel did change references to any 'Aryan invasion' to one of 'Aryan migration.' One group of scholars no longer hold that India was violently invaded around 1500 BCE by marauding Aryans, but that their arrival was a gradual process of migration. Other scholars --and many Hindus-- either doubt the migration or reject it entirely. California Hindus were not particularly happy with the last-minute reversal, some were even incensed... The California State Board of Education will take a final vote on the changes on Friday, December 2, at which they are expected to approve all of Witzel's changes."