Conservative Christian Responses to Halloween

October 27, 2000

Source: Los Angeles Times

On October 27, 2000, the Los Angeles Times published an article entitled "Aiming to Scare the Devil Out of You: Conservative Christians are Finding Alternatives to Halloween." Christian-themed haunted houses use real-life terror themes like drunken driving, gang shootings and drug overdoses, taking back "a pagan holiday and giving it back to God's Glory" according to Shawn Anthony, a 29-year-old pastor and director of Harvest Outreach, a national evangelical organization aimed at teenagers. 42 Orange County churches participated in producing this year's haunted house, which hopes to attract 15,000 teenagers, and there are others across the country. Some use more controversial topics such as abortion and have been denounced by Christian groups for appalling use of fear and threat. All are interested in spreading the Christian message, not just providing a scare.