Confusion Over Religious Identity of Bombing Suspects

March 14, 2004

Source: Hindustan Times,00050003.htm

On March 14, 2004 the Hindustan Times reported, "Utter confusion was caused about the faith and identity of the two people of Indian extraction who were detained in Madrid by Spanish police following the receipt of a videotape purportedly from Al-Qaeda claiming responsibility for the massacre of 200 train commuter in Madrid. In London a senior official of the UK Hindu Council sent an email to BBC on finding that in ceefax early evening on Saturday, the Indians were referred as Hindus...In the news telecast by the channels in London later in the evening the two were referred to as Spaniards of Indian extraction. The confusion was cleared when the Indian Embassy contacted by HT clarified that all Indians in Spain, irrespective of their religious connotations, are referred to as Hindues. This is done to distinguish Indian Indians from Latin Americans who are called Indos...The report about the arrest of the five was headlined by the Sunday Times 'Muslims held over Madrid massacre'. It, nor any other paper, referred the two as Hindues. It is presumed that they after migrating from India settled down in Spain and are most probably Muslims."