Condemnation of Cartoons of the Prophet by the Hindu American Foundation

February 7, 2006

Source: Hindu American Foundation press release

On February 7, 2006 a Hindu American Foundation press release reported, "The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) condemned today a collection of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed that were first published by a Danish newspaper... 'Though as Americans we are committed to freedom of speech and expression, cartoonists and their editors demonstrated a monumental lapse in judgment at best, and outright bigotry at worst,' said Mihir Meghani, President of the Hindu American Foundation. 'As a Hindu, having experienced painful depictions of my faith in this country, I can relate to the protests by the Muslim world, but violence is simply not an acceptable solution.'

HAF has previously engaged several media outlets in the United States and Europe for inflammatory and vulgar depictions of Hindu symbols and sacred beliefs. Recent accounts in the American press depicted Hindus as cannibals, believers in 'capricious gods' and adherents of mythical religious texts.

Aseem Shukla, Member of the HAF Board of Directors, added, 'In the age of globalization, it is especially important that mainstream media, rather than being the cause of undue provocation, works with religious minorities to promote tolerance and mutual understanding of cultural sensitivities.'"