Conclusion Reached in Lodi Mosque Case

November 2, 2005

Source: Tracy Press / San Joaquin News Service

On November 2, 2005 the San Joaquin News Service reported, "A San Joaquin County judge has ruled to leave the Lodi Muslim Mosque in the hands of its current leaders, ending a months-long lawsuit between two groups vying for control of the city’s only mosque.

Meanwhile, a separate lawsuit filed by the mosque against Farooqia Islamic Center for the return of nearly $200,000 will move forward after a judge Monday rejected a request for dismissal from the defendants.

Judge Elizabeth Humphreys informed attorneys last week that she would not issue a restraining order that would bar Mosque President Mohammad Shoaib from presiding and would install former members to the board.

Instead, both parties will wait until mosque members choose a new board in a popular election sometime in early December... Humphreys said the plaintiffs failed to prove Shoaib and his followers had done any irreparable injury to the former board members or the mosque itself."