Concession E-Mail To Hindu Sen.: 'Know Jesus'

November 16, 2006

Author: Mary Tan


Sen. Satveer Chaudhary, a practicing Hindu, was re-elected in District 50 last week on the Democratic ticket, netting 63 percent of the vote. But rather than placing a call to concede the race, his Republican opponent Rae Hart Anderson instead offered him an e-mail concession that he said read like an attempt to convert his religious beliefs.

"To get a sermon is definitely a surprise," said Chaudhary.

In her e-mail, Anderson congratulated the senator first, but then went on to add, "It is my sincere wish that you'll get to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior."

The message continued, "God waits to be gracious to each person that knows they need to be forgiven. Do you? I think you do. "

"When I read it I just shook my head," said Chaudhary. "This just sums up the type of campaign voters were rejecting."