Communalism Trying to Tear Apart Fabric of Our Culture: PM

April 21, 2007

Source: Zee News

New Delhi, April 21: Observing that secularism meant separation of religion from politics, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today saidormation inciting people on religious grounds was betraying both religion and the Constitution.

Maintaining that forces of bigotry and communalism were trying to tear apart the "fine fabric of our composite culture", he said "what is worse thanlerance is the deployment of such intolerance for narrow political gain".

"Any political formation trying to incite people in the name of religion, whatever religion, is in fact betraying both religion and our Constitution," the Prime Minister said while inaugurating a two-day Inter-Faith Harmony Conclave here.

Asseonstitution was based on equal respect for all faiths, Singh said "when we say our Constitution is secular, we mean that it espouses the separation of religion from politics and governance.