Colorful Celebration

March 8, 2010

Author: Hallie Davis

Source: The Daily Toreador

The air filled with red, green and purple within minutes as students threw Holi-colored powders at friends and strangers alike.

It was all part of the South Asian Student Association and the Cross Cultural Academic Association’s Festival of Colors, which is part of the Holi celebration.

Jobi Martinez, the director of the CCAAC, said the holiday celebrates the coming of spring and is based in Hindu myths.

“There was an evil goddess trying to dictate India,” said Martinez, who is also associated with the SASA. “When she was captured she was burned at the stake and it threw off sparks of many colors.”

After six months of planning, the celebration of Holi started Friday in the Escondido Theatre with free food and a PowerPoint on the history of the festival hosted by the SASA and the CCAAC.