College Negotiates With Local Hindus, Promises Expansion of Campus Will Not Conflict With Religious Festivals

March 9, 2004


On March 9, 2004 reported, "[P]lans by a local English college to build a £17 million campus on Rushey Fields require a combination of utmost delicacy and tact before they can be implemented. Gateway College says it needs the new and bigger site so that it can enroll up to 1,500 students and form closer links with secondary schools. But it is a measure of the clout enjoyed by the Hindu community in Leicester, the first English city forecast to have a South Asian majority population by 2020, that college bosses have been liasing with a local ethnic Indian businessman to make sure any building plans are compatible with future religious events. College Principal Nick Goffin, who has been liasing with Vinod Popat, responsible for organising the last major Hindu festival in 2001, said, 'We have gone to great lengths to explain our plans to the community and ensure that they won't be conflicting with the festivals.'"