Coalition of South Asians Opposes “Hindu Supremacist” Curriculum Changes

January 15, 2006

Source: FOSA

On January 15, 2006 the Friends of South Asia reported, "A broad coalition of Indians and other South Asians representing Friends of South Asia, Coalition Against Communalism, Tamil Sangams of North America, and various groups representing Dalits were present in force at the California State Board of Education meeting in Sacramento on January 12, 2006. They were there to express their strong objections to some of the politically motivated edits to Grade 6 History books adopted by the Curriculum Commission on December 2, 2005, under intense lobbying from organizations such as the Vedic Foundation (VF) and the Hindu Education Foundation (HEF). Speaker after speaker went to the podium to express their views on the controversy, as members of the Board listened intently... Some of the public comments heard at the meeting [included the following]: Egregious errors and stereotypes in the textbooks must be corrected. By the same token, sectarian doctrines posing as history must also be rejected. These are history books, not books on religion. Factual and scientific basis should be followed. Parallels were drawn with recent attempts in some states to introduce creationism in the guise of 'Intelligent Design' into science classes... Many practicing and moderate Hindus emphasized that VF/HEF do not represent them or, for that matter, most Hindus and Indians."