City Refuses to Honor Muslim Burial Rites

February 9, 2005


On February 9, 2005 reported, "Despite legislative amendments adopted to allow the Muslim community in Nordrehin Westfallen province to bury their dead in shroud, the German city of Koeln insists the German Muslims be buried in coffins according to Christian burial rituals, casting doubts on efforts to integrate the Muslim community in the German society.

In September 2003, the German state of Nordrehin Westfallen has taken a decision to amend its burial laws, allowing the Muslim community to bury their deceased wrapped in shroud, in accordance with Islamic tenets.

Under the German burial laws, relatives of the deceased are required to wait 48 hours before a burial can take place and must bury their dead in a coffin -– or if the corpse has been cremated -– in an urn."