Christians Find Oman an Oasis Of Religious Tolerance

January 6, 2010

Author: Saleh al Shaibany

Source: The National

As another Christmas season winds down, Christians in Oman say they enjoy tolerance and a number of privileges in this deeply conservative Muslim society and that the country’s ruler has made a point of supporting the diverse community.

“We are lucky that His Majesty the Sultan has placed a special interest in Christianity in Oman. In our church, the Sultan of Oman has bought us a new organ, imported from Britain, after the original one was destroyed by Gonu,” 52-year-old Father John Fernandaz, the head of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Muscat, said. 

Oman was devastated by cyclone Gonu in 2007, which destroyed hundreds of homes throughout the country, the strongest tropical storm to hit the region in 50 years.

“Gonu also destroyed a lot of properties in the church yard, but His Majesty ordered repairs. God bless him,” Father John said.