Christian Theological School and Jewish College Come Together

January 22, 2002

Source: The Boston Globe

On January 22, 2002, The Boston Globe reported that "in one of the more unusual experiments in Jewish-Christian relations, Hebrew College has moved onto land that was part of the campus of Andover Newton Theological School, and the two institutions are now trying to figure out how to become more than just neighbors... Administrators and faculty members say that over the seven years that they have been preparing for this relationship, new, more complex concerns have emerged as they try to move past the niceties of interfaith dialogue toward substantive academic collaboration. Leaders of both campuses say they have been stunned to discover that... their ways of thinking and talking about faith and ethics are often fundamentally different... The two faculties have held a series of colloquia to explore Christian and Jewish views of issues such as forgiveness and covenant, and last fall they jointly sponsored a conference on Jewish and Christian educational tasks after the Holocaust... The most successful joint venture to date has been the creation of a think tank, the Interreligious Center on Public Life, which is planning a major conference on religion and human rights."