Christian-Muslim-Hindu-Jewish Leaders Indulge in Serious Dialogue

January 20, 2008

Author: Rajan Zed

Source: Sparks

A distinguished panel of Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish religious leaders had a serious dialogue on "how to connect" at the Catholic Diocesan Conference in Sparks today.

Moderated by Father Charles T. Durante, Pastor of Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Community of Carson City, clergy who participated in the dialogue included Imam Abdul Rahim Barghouthi of Northern Nevada Muslim Community, prominent Hindu chaplain and Indo-American leader Rajan Zed, Rabbi Myra Soifer of Temple Sinai-Reform, Reverend V. James Jeffrey, Rector Emeritus of Trinity Episcopal Church of Reno.

Issues discussed included religious pluralism, looking beyond your tradition, inclusive understanding of religion, is religion a problem, power of religion, seeking unity that celebrates diversity, learning to live together, shared quest for truth, mutual enrichment through dialog, learning from each other, similarities and differences, growing together, etc.

In the end, this group of diverse clergy prayed together "to remove any barriers of prejudice or intolerance so that the world's religions may recognize the similarities and beliefs we share."