Christian Leaders Offer Support to American Muslims After Qur’an Desecration Report

May 27, 2005

Source: The Indianapolis Star

On May 27, 2005 The Indianapolis Star reported, "American Muslims are deeply concerned and hurt by allegations that military guards and interrogators may have desecrated the Quran at Guantanamo Bay, said Sayyid M. Syeed, secretary general of the Plainfield-based Islamic Society of North America. But, he added, the distressing situation has had an upside -- Christian leaders from around the country have offered support for America's Muslims and disgust over the allegations. Syeed said the stories about mishandling the Quran are disturbing because the holy book plays a bigger part in the faith and daily lives of Muslims, in general, than the Bible does to Christians. To Muslims, he said, the Quran holds a place of reverence similar to what Christ holds for Christians...'The good thing is that we have been approached by a large number of Christian friends and leaders, here in Indiana and across the country, who have the same disgust and resentment for what has been done,' he said."