Chief Rabbi and Other Jewish Leaders Condemn Cartoons of Muhammad

February 2, 2006

Source: Muslim American Society/European Jewish Press

On February 2, 2006 the European Jewish Press reported, "France's chief rabbi Joseph Sitruk and the central Jewish Consistoire joined their Muslim and Christian counterparts on Thursday denouncing press drawings portraying Islamic prophet Muhammad... 'I share the anger of Muslims following this publication,” said Sitruk after a scheduled meeting with French Prime minister Dominique de Villepin on anti-Semitism. I understand the hostility in the Arab world. One does not achieve anything by humiliating religion. It's a dishonest lack of respect,' Sitruk stressed. He added that he was a long-time opponent of those who mock Christianity and Islam. 'You don't get anywhere by insulting religion,' he said... Rabbi Michel Serfaty, from the Jewish Muslim friendship association, said believes that press drawings of biblical figures or Jesus Christ can be printed, but not Muslim caricatures.

'The Christians and us are used to this,' he told EJP 'We've been living in this free speech environment for centuries. They've just arrived. We don't care about these caricatures but they get hurt.'

Asked whether Muslims wouldn't feel insulted if their religion is treated differently from others, Rabbi Serfaty told EJP that 'the important issue now is to reach civilian peace. We must let Muslims develop their own self-criticism by themselves.'"