Chicago's Jewish Leaders Discuss War in Iraq

March 30, 2003

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

On March 30, 2003 the Chicago Sun-Times reported that "a certain conventional wisdom says that most American Jews support the war in Iraq because they believe it will make the world a safer place for Israel. But conversations with some of Chicago's Jewish leaders prove that wisdom is flawed... While opinions about the war in Iraq are divided within the Jewish community, concern for Israel often is a deciding factor whether the decision is in favor of the war or against it... Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin of Congregation Am Yisrael in Northfield supports the war. 'I'm not from the Jewish peace camp,' she said... 'I consider it a moral issue, and I can't separate it from the source of my morality, which is the Jewish religion. My feeling is there are times when you need to stand up to people who are evil and people who are dangerous,' she said. 'I don't agree that it's morally unjust to be in this war...' Newman Kamin said she does not equate being against the war with being against Israel, as some critics of the peace movement do."