Chicago's Growing Religious Diversity

September 23, 2002

Source: Chicago Daily Herald

On September 23, 2002 the Chicago Daily Herald reported that "the growing diversity in the Streamwood, Bartlett and Hanover Park area is reflected in the variety of places of worship. Swami Narayan Temple - the largest Hindu temple in the Northwest suburbs - is in Bartlett. So is the only Jain temple in Illinois... and a Lutheran Christian Church that caters primarily to Chinese and Taiwanese members opened in Streamwood about five years ago... True Light Lutheran Christian Church draws from the greater Chicago area, where there are more than 73,000 residents of Chinese and Taiwanese descent. That's a number that has increased 72 percent since 1990. On the other extreme, there are churches that have been in the communities from the very beginning, and continued to grow. Immanuel United Church of Christ, for instance, was founded in 1891, the same year as the village of Bartlett, by a few German farm families. In 2001, the parish celebrated its 110th birthday."