Chicago Dad Can Take Daughter to Church, Judge Rules In Interfaith Divorce

April 13, 2010

Author: Lisa Donovan

Source: Chicago Sun-Times,judge-dad-OK-church-interfaith-divorce-041310.article

In a divorce case that’s drawn national attention, a Chicago man who claims he has returned to his Catholic roots will be allowed to take his 3-year-old daughter to church, despite the objections of the girl’s Jewish mother, a Cook County judge ruled this afternoon.

Cook County Judge Renee Goldfarb previously had denied Joseph Reyes’ request to take his daughter Ela to Easter services, citing the pending divorce decree.

But Goldfarb said in a written divorce judgment today: “This court does not find, at this time, that it would be in the best interest of Ela to restrict Joseph’s visitation. He can take Ela to church services during his visitation time if he so chooses. This court will also order that Joseph have visitation with Ela every year on Christmas and Easter.”

Goldfarb said her decision to let Reyes take his daughter to church was based on “the best interest of the child.”