Chicago Based Institutions to Co-Host Interfaith Gathering

November 6, 2005

Source: The Christian Post


On November 6, 2005 The Christian Post reported, "At the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Augustana Chapel, Nov. 10-11... attendants of the Chicago Interfaith Gathering Symposium hope to explore and build toward solutions to this question: [What can we do to win the battle for peace and harmony?]... The event will bring together leaders and members of different cultures and faiths as a step toward increased tolerance and cooperation... The title of the symposium, 'Towards Interreligious Dialogue in the New Millenium,' spells out the vision of the organizers. Acknowledging the growing divisions between peoples of different religions in the past few years, the Chicago Interfaith Gathering hopes to bridge some of those gaps by initiating dialogue, and ultimately understanding, between different groups... Included on the program are several seminars to be led by world-renowned scholars and activists. The seminars will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including religious and cultural pluralism, Islam and Christianity in the post 9/11 world, and religion and ecology."