Chechen Problem Has No Simple Solutions, Interfaith Council Says

December 28, 2004

Source: RIA Novosti

On December 28, 2004 RIA Novosti reported, "The Chechen problem has no simple solutions, members of the Russian Interfaith Council, Orthodox, Islamic, Buddhist and Judaist spiritual leaders, said at a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday. 'Simple solutions are often suggested to Russia, for instance, to make Chechnya independent or, on the contrary, make massive attacks on this Russian region. But this will not work. There already was an attempt to make Chechnya independent and it was a failure,' deputy chairman of the external church relations department of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Vsevolod Chalplin said. According to him, this problem is the struggle against the international network whose goals are more global than separating a small region from Russian territory."