Chattanooga Mosque Plans Postponed by Traffic Issue

May 10, 2005

Source: WDEF-TV News 12

On May 10, 2005 WDEF News 12 reported, "after last monday's much heated debate on a new Islamic Mosque being built on Dug Gap Road.... The pressure was on Whitfield County Commissioners Monday night to make a decision. And it was unanimous to put off the issue until traffic study up to 20 thousand dollars could be done in the area. But members of the Islamic Center say the postponement is just discrimination. Deb Ibrahim, Islamic Center Member [was reported saying] 'we've already addressed the issues of the traffic we don't worship on Sunday. We worship on Friday. So for them to do a traffic survey and bring this issue up again there is no reason for that.' Tipu Keen, Islamic Center Member [was reported saying] 'to my knowledge the Jehovah Witness Church was approved just north of this property approximately a mile up the road and that traffic was not an issue at that time and they didn't have to do this expensive study.' Many of the members of the Islamic Center say their religion has been misunderstood."