Chapel-to-Go for Diverse Military

October 25, 2001

Source: The Boston Globe

On October 25, 2001, The Boston Globe reported, "Army's Natick Labs designs Chapel-to-Go for all faiths." The article reports that "the 'containerized chapel,' as it is formally known, can be dropped out the back of a cargo plane and within six hours be transformed into a multi-denominational religious center catering to Christians, Jews, and Muslims." The article continued, "According to the latest Defense Department statistics, of the 470,000 soldiers in the Army, about 40 percent are Protestant, 20 percent are Catholic, while Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu all make up less than 1 percent...And while there are just 2,030 Muslims and 1,413 Jews in the Army, the chapel includes full kits to serve those religions. The Islamic kit has 10 kufis (male prayer caps), kimaras (female head coverings), prayer mats, and Korans. The Jewish kit includes 10 yarmulkes and camouflage prayer shawls."