Central Florida doctor who helped many says he was targeted for religion

July 28, 2020


A Central Florida doctor who has helped many during the pandemic with everything from food drives to book bags for students has been targeted for his religion.

"You know, my initial reaction, was it for real?" Dr. Amit Pal Singh said.

Singh has lived in Central Florida for the past 15 years. He has lived in Oviedo for six years and never felt any animosity towards his Sikh religion until the weekend.

The words Sikh followed by an expletive were written on the driver's side front and back doors on his gray BMW that was parked in the front of his house.

"As a Sikh, I'm aware we are a very misunderstood community because of our turbans, people are often mistaken after 9/11, most of the hate attacks are on Sihks, but you've seen that in New York, Boston, and I used to take pride in telling my friend not here, not here," Singh said.

Singh, a radiation physicist, was surprised and couldn't believe this happened. His mother was a little traumatized.

"My mom lives with me and I lost my dad when I was 12 years old in India. He was gunned down, he was social guy like me who just loved to help people," Singh said.

The Chairman of the Sikh Society of Central Florida and community members have helped people since the pandemic with food giveaways, face masks, blood drives and more.

He said he doesn't understand why someone would be so mean, but his generosity is not going to stop.

"I'm actually more encouraged to go and help our fellow Americans even more," Singh said.


Source: Central Florida doctor who helped many says he was targeted for religion - WESH 2